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Building Project Progresses - Update From the CEO (July 2016)

It seems like everywhere I go, people ask me “How’s the hospital building project coming along?” In the blog I wrote two months ago, I mentioned a lot of behind the scenes activity going on in relation to the hospital building project. We are excited becausealthough there is still not a lot of visible activity on the new site, there definitely have been important milestones reached this month.

One of those important milestones was closing the sale of the property for the new facility. The photo that accompanies this article shows the closingtransaction taking place. Kenton Weltmer and Bruce Hardacre, representing the Smith County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, and Gayle and Kristi Jones, the sellers of the property are shown with   Karen Panter of Collier Abstract and Title on June 17. The site, as mentioned previously, is located south of Highway 36 and east of the current Orscheln building.  This means it is directly east of the Smith Center High School.

Pictured from left to right: Gayle and Kristi Jones, sellers of the land; Karen Panter, Collier Abstract and Title; Bruce Hardacre, Hospital Board Treasurer and Kenton Weltmer, Hospital Board Chairman.

Pictured from left to right: Gayle and Kristi Jones, sellers of the land; Karen Panter, Collier Abstract and Title; Bruce Hardacre, Hospital Board Treasurer and Kenton Weltmer, Hospital Board Chairman.

Another milestone achieved this month involved financing for the building project. On June 29 the Smith County Public Building Commission issued revenue bonds to provide the construction financing for the project. Piper Jaffray & Company were the Bond Underwriters for the transaction. They were able to negotiate the terms of the arrangement so that we can draw funds from the available amount when we need them, rather than receiving the whole amount at once. The advantage of this arrangement is that we don’t pay interest on the money until we draw it from the available funds. This will save us a considerable amount of money over the term of    construction.

The third milestone achieved this month was receiving notification from the US Department of    Agriculture that our application for a Rural Development Loan was approved. This loan will provide long term financing for the project once    construction is complete. I mentioned during the Town Hall meetings held earlier this year that part of our financing strategy is to use the USDA financing to provide long term financing (the term of the loan is 35 years) at a very low interest rate. The Public Building Commission and the Board of trustees will meet with USDA representatives next week to receive the letter of commitment for the loan. The extra good news that we received in conjunction with the notice of approval is that the USDA long term interest rate will drop again effective July 1. The unprecedented interest rate of 2.75% is the highest interest we will be required to pay for the loan. If the interest rate should happen to be lower than the 2.75% rate at the time construction is complete and USDA disburses funds, we will get that lower interest rate. But the rate cannot be higher than the current rate. I mentioned in my last blog that the decrease in interest rates since we did our financial projections would save us considerable money over the term of the loan. This further drop makes the savings greater.

The architects and construction manager are continuing to work on final designs and site plans for the building. When they are more final, we will share them. Stay tuned to this website for developments. As always, if you have specific questions about the project, you may feel free to submit them through the website as well.

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WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? - Update from the CEO (April 2016)

Last month we announced the results of the advisory referendum regarding the hospital building project.  With results showing that 80% of the voters are in favor of the project, it seems to most folks like we should be making progress to get started.  Hardly a day goes by, and absolutely not a week goes by, that we don't have someone ask what the next steps are and when we will begin to see visible signs of progress.  So, here's a brief update as of the first week in April.

Shortly after the votes were counted, The County Commissioners, the Public Building Commission Board of Directors, and the Smith County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees met to begin the legal process for the financing.  Each Board passed a resolution that, taken together, will provide the legal basis for the financing.  The PBC Board published the legal notices in the newspaper that are required for them to issue bonds.  The three Boards met with a representative from Piper Jaffray, the company that will underwrite the bonds.  Piper Jaffray is publishing, with our assistance, information about the building project for banks who might be interested in participating in the bond issuance.  When that information is complete, the underwriters will request proposals for the bond issuance.  The proposals they receive will be reviewed competitively, and an award will be made to the firm with the best proposal.

While the financing process is underway, several other things are in process simultaneously.  The purchase of the land for the building project is being finalized.  The boundaries of the property have been surveyed to provide a legal description for the recording of the sale.  Meanwhile, the architect and the construction management firm have been working on schedules for completing building designs and construction timelines.  These are not final yet, but significant discussion has been held.  Discussions have begun with the Kansas Department of Transportation about the location of access roads to the property.  Work was finalized by an independent auditing and accounting firm on projected financial statements in support of our loan application to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  This loan would provide long term, low interest rate financing for the project.  The bonds that the PBC Board will issue will provide the short term financing for construction.  Last week we received the welcome news from the USDA that the interest rate on their long term loans dropped, effective April 1, to 2.875%.  This unprecedented rate, which is 3/8% below the rate when our loan projections were constructed, will save us approximately $2.5 million over the repayment term of the loan.  So, while we hoped that we would have a commitment from the USDA by the end of March, the slight delay actually worked in our favor.

What does all of this mean?  Is means that while you can't see visible signs of construction in progress yet, there is actually a lot of activity underway behind the scenes.  All of this behind the scenes work is necessary to set the stage for us to actually begin construction.  We hope by this time next month that we will know more details about bidding and construction schedules.  As information becomes clear to us, we will certainly share it with the public.  It is very clear that the public is interested in what is happening.  As details develop, the best way to stay up to date is to follow our progress on this website.  

That's where we are for now.  If you have specific questions, feel free to ask in person, or you can submit them via this website as well.

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Town Hall Meeting Smith Center Ks, January 27th, 2016

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Design subject to change

Design subject to change

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